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European Friendly Cup 2010 is over

Three days full of bowling and fun is now over and there is time to evaluate the last EFC.

On Thursday there were a lot of teams on the bowling in the evening to practice and prepare themselfs for the tournament which started on Friday morning. Before that, there was a short meeting with the team captains and the information about how the tournament will be played was said. Also the rest of the Hungary team came to the bowling center and accommodate themselfs.

The single competition, which was played on Friday was hard for the men players, because in two squads they played 16 games. Women, which played in between the men squads played 8 games and there was nothing clear after first day in national ranking. Some of the players set up good start for the Masters competition, average more than 210 was a really good start. In the evening there was time to chat a little and relax before the doubles on Saturday.

Saturday morning was a little harder, hands tired and still a lot of games before the players. On the schedule was doubles men and women and also mix doubles. Men started at 10:00 and the day finished at 21:00. Finished... bowling part was over, yes, but not the day. After short break there was the party, where Slovakia country band played and players and fans relax after the second day. About midnight the "official" party was over, but there was still a lot of fun. What I know, there were players which did not sleep at all or just a little.

On Sunday, the last day, there were trios and teams competition. Scheduled start was as usual at 10:00. After trios competition was clear that the Czech Republic needs to make just several wins in teams to be first one more time. But the rest of the country standing was really interesting and there were just small differences between second and fifth place. After half of the teams competition it was clear who will win, but still nothing clear in the rest. Last round decided that Hungary will take the second place and Poland third.

Masters was then prepared for the best 8 men and 6 women. Even there was interesting matches and a lot of bowling art was shown. In women there were situation where the players on the second and third place had the same score, same bonus points, and they were equal also in match when they played against each other. So the higher score in one game decided the position. First place goes to Hungary with Sarolta Dosztály, second to Slovenia with Nataša Kržišnik and third to the Czech Republic with Petra Brzicová.

In men it was interesting till the end. Three strikes in the tenth frame of the last game decided that first place is going to Poland and very well playing player Patryk Preus. Second finished Anže Grabrian, he was just a little unlucky in one game, because otherwise he was the best player in the tournament. So the fight between these two players was really interesting and close, the difference between them was just 11 points after the Masters. Third place goes to the Czech Republic, Jiří Hindrák defended the position from last year, where he also finished third.

After Masters there was the medal ceremony and the tournament was over. With high hopes that we will see each other in Poland next year and with a great thanks to the bowling and hotel staff I wish you all nice season 2010 - 2011 and see you on the 4th EFC 2011.

from 19.07.2010 12:34

Results of the 3rd EFC

The Czech Republic won the 3rd EFC!!!

After all the competitions there are the same winners as past years. We will publish more information after the Masters competition, which is now in progress. On the second place finished - after the year when they did not play - Hungary, so it is a good comeback. Third place goes to Poland.

The differences between each country was very small. Two points on a third place lost Slovenia and another three points missed Slovakia.

There will be more information about the tournament and photos after the medal ceremony and Masters competition.

from 18.07.2010 17:07

Schedules for competitions

Here you can find schedules for each competition. We will publish the rest as soon as possible, so check the website regulary.

Men - singles - first squad - download HERE
Men - singles - second squad - download HERE
Women - singles - download HERE

Men Doubles - download HERE
Women Doubles - download HERE

from 17.07.2010 08:53


After some planing and working on schedule, we are publishing the plan for the tournament. It can be change slightly, but more or less it will be like that:

16 games in singles - 4 matches against each other country
8 games in doubles - 2 matches against each other country
4 games in mixed doubles - one match against each other country, Two players which will not play mixed will play their four games separately.
4 games in trios - one match against each other country
8 matches in baker format in teams - 5 players in a team (3 men, 2 women), so teams will play against each other team.

Matches will be choose by draw before the tournament starts.

8 matches in singles - against each two other country
4 matches in doubles - against one double from each other country
4 matches in mixed doubles - so as men schedule
4 matches in trios - against each other trio. The one woman which will not play will play her games separately
8 matches in baker format in teams - 5 players in a team (3 men, 2 women), so teams will play against each other team.

Matches will be choose by draw before the tournament starts.

So in total, men will play 32 games and teams and women will play 20 games and the teams.

Best player from each country will then play the Masters, where the last three places will be according the highest average. So, the best from each nation will play for sure and there are three free spots for the three best averaging players on the tournament.

Points for matches are:

1 point for single

2 points for doubles and mixed doubles

3 points for trios

5 points for team

from 15.07.2010 22:22

Team Hungary

Hungary Team for this year:

Men: István Polgár, Zoltán Skobrics, Gergely Kapronczay, Gábor Ficze, Ferenc Hegedűs, Máté Orosz

Women: Sarolta Dosztály, Gabriella Szabó, Éva Hegedűs, Maria Tóth

from 15.07.2010 00:08

Team Slovakia

Slovakia Team for this year:

Men: Koník Miroslav, Benko Tomáš, Husár Marek, Bitto LadislavKuciak Roman, Frunyo Ladislav

Women: Ivanová Xenia, Stanková Petra, Mičurová Henrieta, Pospíšilová Veronika

from 15.07.2010 00:02

Team Slovenia

Slovenia team for this year:

Men: Bojan Kovač, Dušan Lajovic, Matej Feguš, Mitja Mrzlikar, Peter Verdnik, Anže Grabrijan

Women: Andreja Posega, Mihela Križman, Nataša Kržišnik, Nataša Pirc Musar

from 13.07.2010 00:18

Team Czech

Czech Team for this year:

Men: Jan Čepelák, Michal Včeliš, Roman Dyršmíd, Jakub Váradi, Jiří Hidnrák, Filip Kubín

Women: Dana Hanušová, Michaela Volšičková, Jana Lébrová, Petra Brzicová

from 08.07.2010 15:02

Team Poland

Team Poland for this year:

Men: Polanisz Emil, Preus Patry, Ciećkiewicz Tymoteusz, Martin Adam, Dąbrowski Jarosław, Pękała Piotr

Women: Merklejn Joanna, Korytowska Iwona, Martin Natalia, Martin Marzena

from 08.07.2010 14:59

European Friendly Cup 2010

The third EFC will be in Bratislava, Slovakia from 16th till 18th July 2010. It will be played on BNC bowling center and hotel is on the same place.

Already confirmed countries are Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Now we have confirmation from Slovenia and Poland, so all the countries which was there every year will be there this time as well. 

Chech the website for futher information about entry fee and the hotel. Also, you will receive an email about it.


from 28.06.2010 10:11

Czech team won the second EFC

European Friendly Cup 2009 is over and the Czech Republic defended first place from last year. In mixed Poland tried to catch the Czech team, the diffence between Czech and Polish players was before the team competition only 4 points. Poland then had a terrible start into the teams competition, giving the Czech team a chance to make a head start and before the last game it was clear, that the Czech team will be first, and Poland had to win at least one match to maintain position in second place. They did it, so third finished Slovenia. Slovak team was fourth, but they will be better next year, when EFC 2010 will be in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Results from the last day is published HERE.

from 19.07.2009 00:30

Masters title in men division is going to Poland

After the team competition, there was a time to play Masters. There were eight players, three from the Czech Republic and Poland and one from Slovakia and Slovenia. It was an interesting competition and till the end, it was open and the last matches decided that first finished Pawel Bielski from Poland with total score 1716, second was Jacek Dudko - Poland as weel with 1582 and third finished Jirka Hindrák from Czech Republic with 1575.

from 19.07.2009 00:28

Czech Republic has a women title in Masters competition

In women division, there were six players, two from Poland, two from Slovenia and one from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. After five matches it was Petra Brzicova from Czech Republic who had the highest total score, which was 1103. Second finished Natalia Martin from Poland with 1066 and third Vladka Kolarič from Slovenia with total score 991.

from 19.07.2009 00:26

Second day

Second day of EFC 2009 is over now and we there is nothing as it was yesterday. After doubles and trios in men and women division, the Czech Republic is now leading the scoreboard, second is Poland and third Slovenia. You can find all results after the second day HERE.

Tomorrow there will be mixed doubles and team competiton and we will finish this year then with Masters and farewell banquet.

from 17.07.2009 20:28

EFC 2009 was started

On Thursday in Ljubljana involving 4 National teams started 2nd EFC. After the first day of leads from domestic Slovenia, Poland and the third is the Czech Republic. Complete results of individuals and teams can be found HERE

from 16.07.2009 18:00

EFC 2009 started on Wednesday

The second European Friendly Cup was officially started on Wednesday with practice of the national teams. During the practice Jirka Hindrák (CZE) played a perfect game, congratulation! Tomorrow we are starting at 10:00 with first squad of singles, men and women. The schedule is printed and available on the bowling center.

from 16.07.2009 02:25

Official practice

There are reserved times and lanes for each country and the schedule is:

15.7. - 18:00 Poland and Hungary, 5 lanes each

15.7. - 20:00 Czech Republic and Slovakia, 5 lanes each

Notice: Fee for practice is not included in entry fee. 

from 13.07.2009 17:48

Participants Hungary Team

Members of the Hungary team are:

Men team: Zoltán Hevele, Domonkos Dénes, Skobric Zoltán, Lubi Zoltán and .....?

Women team: Tóth Mária, Hossú Gabriela, Szabó Gabriela, Simon Timea

from 13.07.2009 17:47

Participants - Slovak Team

Members of the Slovak team are:

Men team: Radek Pospíšil, Ladislav Frunyo, Miroslav Koník, Ľuboslav Jurínyi, Roman Košík and Ján Petras

Women team: Veronika Pospíšilová, Dáša Pospíšilová, Mariana Gajdáčová and Baluchová Alena

from 13.07.2009 17:44

Participants Slovenia Team

We already know the Slovenia team - members are:

Men team: Žiga Kalan, Mitja Mrzlikar, Matej Feguš, Anže Grabrijan, Bojan Kovač and Nenad Bezjak

Women team: Karmen Lukša, Vladka Kolarič, Anja Musar Kalan and Anja Hurwood

from 29.06.2009 23:51

Participants Poland Team

We already know the Poland team - members are:

Men team: Pawel Bielski, Lis Grzegorz, Adam Blaszczak, Jacek Dudko, Krzysztof Olesinski and Martin Adam

Women team: Joanna Merklejn,  Danuta Dudko, Justyna Swiniarska and Natalia Adam

from 27.06.2009 18:30

Participants - Czech Team

Defending champinons from last year also know the members of the team, and here are the names:

Men team: Karel Kutina, Jiří Uhlíř, Rostislav Brzica, Jiří Hindrák, Jakub Váradi and Michal Včeliš

Women team: Dana Hanušová, Michaela Volšičková, Petra Brzicová and Jana Lébrová

from 09.06.2009 14:18

2.nd European Friendly Cup in Slovenia

In left menu you find all information about 2.nd annual EFC in Ljubljana from 15.7. to 19.7.2009

from 30.03.2009 13:15

Over most 250 photos from 1st EFC

In section PHOTO GALLERY you find many photos from all days the first European Friedly Cup in Pardubice.

from 07.08.2008 21:38

Final results

Czech Team take advantage of home lanes

National Team competition :

1st place - Czech Republic

2nd place - Slovakia

3rd place - Hungary

The final results you find HERE


Women´ s compitition :

1st place - Jana Marešová (Czech Republic)

2nd place - Michaela Blažeková (Slovakia)

3rd place - Vladka Kolarič (Slovenia)

The total results HERE


 Men´ s compitition :

1st place Aleš Hubáček (Czech Republic)

2nd place - Matej Feguš (Slovenia)

3rd place - Rafal Palka (Poland)

The total results HERE


from 07.08.2008 21:36

Composition Hungary Team

Hungary will be represented by the following teams :

Men : Skobrics Zoltán, Hevele Zoltán, Polgár István, Puskás Bertalan, Rácz Csaba, Domonkos Dénes

Women : Szalay Tímea, Szabó Gabriella, Tóth Mária

from 23.07.2008 18:34

Composition Poland Team

Poland will be represented by the following teams :

Men : Rafal Palka, Piotr Cyranowski, Jakub Piotrowski, Krzysztof Olesinski, Krzysztof Stepien, Jacek Dudko

Women : Brygida Stepien, Magda Stepien, Danuta Dudko

from 23.07.2008 00:03

Composition Slovak Team

Slovak Republic will be represented by the following teams :

Men : Bitto Ladislav, Blažek René, Frunyo Ladislav, Homola Michal, Pospíšil Radek, Slavkovský Martin

Women : Blažeková Michaela, Pospíšilová Daša, Šebeňová Mariana

from 23.07.2008 00:00

Composition Czech Team

Czech Republic will be represented by the following teams :

Men : Jan Spáčil, Aleš Hubáček, Petr Harbáček, Karel Kutina, Rosťa Kala, Rosťa Brzica

Women : Jana Marešová, Dana Hanušová, Irena Straková

from 22.07.2008 23:59

Composition Slovenia Team

Slovenia will be represented by the following teams :

Men : Feguš Matej, Bezjak Nenad, Vrenčur Rihard, Malek Milan, Lajovic Dušan, Lajovic Anže

Women : Lukša Karmen, Kolarič Vladka, Debenec Maja

from 22.07.2008 23:58

The first EFC will be started on Friday

The first EFC is now getting closer and it will be started on Friday in Pardubice. One day before that, on Thursday, there will be official practice, time is 17:00 - 21:00. When you would like to book lanes, please write us an email and we will make a reservation for you. On Thursday evening (21:00) there will be short team meeting, where all details about tournament will be announced and also, you will receive time schedule. When you will have some questions, there will be the right place to ask them. The beginning of the tournament will be on Friday, 9:00. There wil be five national teams - CR, SR, Poland, Hungary and Slovenia. Finally, it will be better for the organization staff to organize the tournament ith only five teams. Also for the next year we are counting with five teams. There is a possibility that there will be two groups, both of them with five national teams (called group B) and there will be soe system like Davis Cup is.

from 21.07.2008 11:48

For participants

Official practise start on 24.7. from 17:00 to 21:00. For reservation lanes you´ll send e-mail

Address bowling cetrum : LUKA Bowling, Palackého 2748 PARDUBICE, see on website

from 16.07.2008 22:44 European Friendly Cup in Czech Republic

In left menu you find all information about annual EFC in Pardubice

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The participants

31.08.2010 20:49

 Czech Republic






31.08.2010 20:47

A large number of photos was inserted into the gallery


18.07.2010 16:48

Results after all games published in menu -> results.

Schedule - Friday

15.07.2010 23:56

Schedule for men and women - singles uploaded.

Pattern for EFC 2010

08.07.2010 22:10

Oil pattern is published, see the left menu and take a look.